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Pray for Others

You also joining in helping us through your prayers, so that thanks may be given by many persons on our behalf for the favor bestowed on us through the prayers of many. – 2 Corinthians 1:11


  • Prayer

    Please pray for my niece, Morgan Hawkins. She was in an automobile accident on 12/31 and sustained several broken bones, lacerated spleen and bruise lung. She has been released from the hospital but needs prayers for healing. She is a single mom with a 1 year old daughter. Thank you

  • Prayer recognition and safety

    My prayer is that my daughter Shannon Schultz to get the recognition she extremely deserves for taking care of a person 24/7 who doesn't give a care about themselves, or about Shannon and her well being, whom they treat her like there maid, and full time care giver when Shannon does above and beyond for the safety of having a place to live. She needs love and support from not only the people she lives with, but love and support from all. Her family back EAST really misses her, loves her to the moon and back, and prays for her happiness and well being every day.

  • Healing for others

    Please pray for my friends Tracy and Rebecca. These are two young women battling cancer and things are not going well.

  • Multiple

    My aunt Debbie is transitioning to her heavenly home. Prayers for relief of her discomfort and peace for her daughter Elizabeth.
    Also lift up Roy and Roy Luttrel. Hes got a rare form ecoli infection they have to come up with a new antibiotic to treat it. Hes in ICU and shes going to have surgery Monday. They definitely need prayers
    Thank you so much

  • Friend's Prayer Request

    A friend of mine has requested prayer for a friend of her's little boy, name Dakota. He is having multiple seizures today and has been airlifted to ER. That is all the info I have.

  • Darrell King

    Darrell has been having electric shocks going up his left arm. He went to a clinic and they ran tests. His heart is fine. He has to go to his primary dr and go from there. Praying for comfort during this time. I'm really concerned about him.

  • Sick girlfriend

    My girlfriend Lindsey started having chest pains today right after church was over and we ended running to the hospital and she's got a Inflamed pancrious and we need prayer that hopefully she will kick this very soon. All the prayers we can get would be awesome. We love our church

  • Prayers

    Asking for uplifting prayers for strength and patience during a time of change and growth.

  • Billy Beggs

    Billy Beggs requests prayer.

  • stage 4 cancer

    Healing for Wanda Anderson from stage 4 cancer. Requested by Theresa Conwell

  • Pray for son and family

    Please pray for my son Chris,his girlfriend Clo and my grandson Zane. They are currently separated and they need a Savior in their lives.

  • UNspoken

    Please pray for my family. I just recieved some very upsetting news about a family member.

  • Prayers for Successful Surgery & Recovery

    Hi! I won't be back at church until after my surgery but really want to ask for prayer. My surgery is scheduled for Aug 24 at Medical City on 8th Avenue, Ft Worth, TX. It is for Gastric Sleeve in an effort to become healthier and deal with some health issues and impending health issues. I have been going through many specialists' visits to prepare for this for the last few months. Prayers for Verlan too as he goes through this with me. I truly appreciate prayers.

  • Strength

    Requesting for prayers for strength, patience, and wisdom.
    Asking for prayers for my family as well as we head into a difficult situation.
    Thank you in advance.

  • Mr


  • Pray for Everleigh Ledbetter

    Complete healing from leukemia for Everleigh Ledbetter who is 3 years old. Requested by Chrissy McGuyer

  • Caleb King

    Please pray for Caleb. He's having some issues going on right now. Im getting very stressful. Thanks

  • Pray for Valerie Kick

    She needs prayer for cancer. Requested by Aaron Jacobs

  • Prayer

    I am having tests run on 8/1 for a lump in my breast. Please pray for good results.

  • Young Mother of 4 found dead in her bed this morning.

    Our old next door neighbors ( The Redeagle's) from 13 years ago...their son Josh Redeagle came home from work this morning and found his wife non-responsive. She didn't make it! They have 3 young boys and a 3 month old ( not sure if it's a boy or girl). He is totally devastated, especially because he isn't sure how to care for his 3 month old. Please pray for him and that God will send the right people to comfort and to help him through this difficult situation.